As a kid growing up in Oregon, I remember picking up our rotary phone, dialing my buddies up and making our big plans for the day. It was simple. 7 digits and that was it. Calling my aunt in California was another deal. I had to dial an area code which meant it was a “big-time” call. We would all pass the phone around, trying not to get tangled in the cord, and take our turns sharing what was going on. I remember those days fondly.
Before I knew it, things started to quickly change, and dialing friends in Oregon became “different”. In 1995, area code 541 was adopted and soon after, 971 was created. These new area codes not only changed the way we dialed but how we ultimately communicated. We were no longer all “one”.      
Here at 503 Original, we want to bring everyone together again by being less secular and divided and be more encompassing like the original 503 area code once was. We want to share the 503 Original vibe with everyone by celebrating Oregon’s iconic cities, communities, neighborhoods, and venues that have impacted so many. As these venues and historic neighborhoods dramatically change, or vanish all together, 503 Original keeps their spirit alive.